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There is melting in my jawbone, can my teeth be intervened?

Yes, it can. Melting in the jawbone does not prevent the treatment of teeth. Sometimes, it is necessary to treat the teeth for the treatment of the melting of the jawbone. But for the melting of the jawbone, a gum disease specialist should see you.

I brush my teeth regularly, will I still have tartar?

If the teeth are brushed regularly and with the right technique, and dental floss and an interface brush are used, the formation of tartar can be prevented.

My teeth are breaking, what should I do?

The causes of fractures in the teeth due to structural defects in the enamel of the teeth, developmental disorders, parafunctional habits such as clenching, grinding and biting nails should be determined and treated. Various methods can be applied depending on the extent of material loss.

How long does root canal treatment take?

Root canal treatment is completed in 1 or 2 sessions to a great extent. If there is only an acute infection (abscess) in the tooth, systemic symptoms such as fever and weakness, disinfectant drugs may need to be placed in the root canals for a longer period of time. In such cases, it ends in […]

My tooth with root canal treatment hurts, what should I do?

If your tooth with root canal treatment hurts, you should first see your dentist. Because sometimes one of the teeth on the same side of the tooth next to the root canal treatment or on the opposite jaw may be painful. If your dentist determines the source of pain as your tooth with root canal […]

Is orthodontic treatment painful?

In general, it is not painful, but in the sessions in which the wires are activated, there may be slight pain in some cases.

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