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Zirconium Coating

In aesthetic dentistry, zirconium supported porcelains are new generation dental veneers developed as an alternative to metal supported porcelain. Zirconium veneers are translucent, metal-free, 100% biocompatible, extremely durable and bond well with your teeth.

It is the highest quality material that has been used in dental aesthetics until today and has a widespread use especially because of its aesthetic appearance

What are the advantages of zirconium teeth?

  • The bruises observed in gingival diseases or gingival recessions are not seen in zirconium.
  • Although it does not cause an allergic reaction, it is tissue-friendly.
  • With their heat insulating properties, they prevent the perception of hot and cold on the teeth.
  • Being hygienic, the retention of microorganisms is minimal.
  • It is in full harmony with body and mouth tissues.
  • With its light transmission feature, the closest appearance to natural teeth is obtained.

Zirconium veneer treatment is applied similarly to other dental veneer treatments. The most decisive difference between dental veneer treatments is, of course, the type of material used for the veneer. Zirconium dental treatment is applied to the teeth where minor corrections and changes will be made before the veneer is made, just like metal-supported veneers.

With these corrections, the tooth is usually reduced and given a form to fit the veneer exactly on it. The zirconium coating, which does not cause any damage to the teeth, is produced in the laboratory environment with CAD / CAM technology according to the specially measured mouth and tooth structure.

The porcelain superstructure is processed on the zirconium substructure, which is produced in a color suitable for the tooth, and it is aligned with the tooth in the clinical environment. In the last stage, the tooth is integrated permanently by applying special veneer adhesives.

In Dent Hippocrates Dental Clinic, Zirconium treatment is performed by experienced dentists.

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