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What is Tooth Sensitivity?

The reason for the sensitivity in non-cavity teeth is that hot or cold foods and drinks that reach the nerve layer inside the tooth irritate the nerve endings. Cracks on the surface of the tooth enamel can cause this. Due to reasons such as blows and fractures, the nerve endings extending to the inner side of the tooth are exposed and the tooth impacts inside.

Except this:

Incorrect and hard brushing, gingivitis due to poor oral hygiene, cavities, gingival recession, and teeth clenching habits can cause tooth sensitivity.


What Should You Do When You Experience Tooth Sensitivity?

When you experience tooth sensitivity, you should talk to your doctor. At Dent Hippocrates Dental Clinic, we first do your caries treatments and checks that may cause tooth sensitivity. We apply root canal treatment to deep caries that cause sensitivity. We plan your filling or coating treatments for sensitivities due to fractures. We recommend gingival treatments in cases of sensitivity due to gingival recession, and in cases of sensitivity caused by clenching, we recommend closing the abrasions and night plaque treatment. In cases of sensitivity caused by poorly made fillings and restorations, renewing the procedures will cause sensitivity. If not taken into account, the underlying problem may progress and cause bigger problems. Doing your daily dental care regularly and correctly will benefit you in the long run against tooth sensitivity problems.

How to Do Daily Oral Care?

Suggestions for doing your daily oral care correctly.

  • You should avoid substances that can damage your teeth with hard contact.
  • You should prefer soft surface brushes for brushing.
  • You should brush your teeth regularly, at least twice a day.
  • You should definitely use dental floss to clean between the teeth and the inner surfaces of the gums.
  • You should not consume extremely cold and hot foods together, and you should prefer oral care products containing fluorine. You should have regular dental check-ups.


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