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What is Laminated Tooth?

Laminated tooth (also known as laminated, laminated or laminated) The last third is a highly aesthetic treatment type that is widely used. Laminated veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain from only the outer surface of the tooth. This application is one of the least damaging to the healthy tooth tissue.

If the desired color cannot be achieved in tooth whitening procedures, a laminated tooth coating is applied to make the teeth appear white. This method is applied to improve the appearance of worn teeth, to combine the disjoint situations between the front teeth, to make the teeth that look unhealthy, damaged, broken and stained better.

Who is the Lamina Tooth Applied to?

  • The patient is over 18 years old
  • Some situations prevent laminated tooth coating.
  • Nail biting habit
  • jaw disorder
  • habit of grinding teeth while sleeping
  • Bruxism

Laminate application is not applied to people with this condition. All dental ailments must be treated before starting dental coating procedures.

  • In the first session, the patient’s intraoral measurements are taken with a very sensitive measurement.
  • Filling, root canal treatment and gingival treatment when necessary
  • Tests called mock-up are performed in laboratories on the model prepared according to the measurements taken.
  • When there is a consensus with the patient about the model obtained, the preparation phase of the teeth to be bonded begins.
    Preparation of temporary laminates

Dentists, who control the adaptation process with temporary coatings at the first stage, start the process of making real porcelains by making the final arrangements in case of no problems. At the end of 2 or 3 sessions, the lamina veneer treatment is terminated and the patient can start using their new teeth.

Laminas can be used for years without any problems with good and correct oral care. The reason for this is that they are made of porcelain, which has superior properties than other bonding systems. They are resistant to staining and abrasion. In order to prolong their life, it is necessary to pay attention to oral care.

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