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What is Hollywood Smile?

Meet Your Dream Smile Design! Hollywood Smile…

Your smile is the most distinctive feature of your character. Imagine the people around you, the first thing that comes to your mind is their smiling faces or sullen faces. People with a beautiful and impressive smile are thought to be more special and respected by their environment.

The most popular of the fashion terms of recent years is the Hollywood smile smile design. The perfect teeth of famous actors and actresses, proportional jaw and tooth structures, even tooth colors can be designed by dentists. This smile design, specially designed for you, combines health and aesthetics, allowing you to have a brand new look. With Hollywood Smile, first of all, the gender, then the facial features, age, alignment and color of the teeth, the structure of the lips and the gums of the people who will have dental aesthetics are checked. With the aesthetic smile designs obtained as a result of the blending of medicine and art and the combination of experience, everyone can now have the smile of their dreams.

Smile design is no different from making people’s faces aesthetically pleasing. Irregular teeth are designed by a specialist dentist and replaced with sequential and regular teeth. In this way, you can have a beautiful and aesthetic appearance, and you can easily get rid of jaw irregularities and some dental disorders systematically.

You can get detailed information about Hollywood Smile from Dent Hippocrates Dental Clinic in order to have the perfect smile that best suits your face.


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