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Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

The treatment that occurs in the internal nerve part (pulp) of the tooth and is applied to inflammation and infection is called canal treatment. In addition, this treatment may need to be applied in traumatic mouth injuries or during crown tooth cuts. The aim of root canal treatment is to restore problematic teeth to their former form. Endodontology or endodontics means the science of root canal treatment.

Pulp inflammation manifests itself in the form of infection, redness or swelling around the tooth, sensitivity to chewing, and pain that does not go away for a long time in hot and cold. The restoration of the tooth should be planned very well, making sure that there is no caries left behind.

How make is root treatment?

Root canal treatment is applied to the patient once or twice by an endodontist or dentist. Root canal-treated teeth are more fragile than living teeth because they lose fluid. If the material loss is high, inlay-onlays prepared in the laboratory environment can be preferred.

  • Anesthetizing teeth and surrounding tissues with local anesthesia,
  • Cleaning the rotten and infected structures and entering the root canals,
  • Determination of root canal length with apex finder devices and radiography,
  • Shaping root canals using hand tools and rotary tools,
  • Removal of infected microorganisms using in-canal disinfectants,
  • Filling the root canals and restoring the upper part.

The treated tooth or teeth can be used for many years with proper dental care. Regular dental examination and oral care are important, as there may be decays in the tooth with root canal treatment. Since there will be no pulp that keeps the tooth alive after root canal treatment, the tooth structure becomes more sensitive.

All dental treatment practices carry some risks. However, the way these risks apply to you will be different from how they apply to others. With the nearly 30 years of experience of Dent Hippocrates Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we ensure that you benefit from the most accurate treatment plan.

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