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What is Orthodontics?

Depending on the deformity in the tooth, jaw and face area and in order to improve your appearance, the specialty of Dentistry, which provides alignment of crooked or perplexed teeth and aims to treat these anomalies, is called “Orthodontics“.

When is orthodontic treatment applied?

  • Correction of crowding and straightening of your teeth
  • Closing the anterior and posterior teeth at the right angle and correcting your mouth structure
  • It is applied to prevent the bad tooth structure from causing intraoral problems and to prevent nutritional and developmental disorders.
  • In some cases, it can also help in the treatment of other health problems such as cleft lip and palate.
  • Your teeth affect your appearance negatively and this may cause you to experience aesthetic and psychological problems.

What are the types of orthodontic treatment?

The most commonly applied method in Orthodontic Treatment is braces treatment. These wires are used as fixed and removable wires. According to the degree of the disorder in the patient’s teeth and mouth structure, the decision to be used is decided by our tele-physicians.

  • Metal Braces (Metal Braces): The brackets that connect the braces can be metal or transparent and are fixed on your teeth. It is one of the most common types of braces due to its reliable results.
  • Transparent Braces (Porcelain Brackets): Removable, almost invisible, or transparent braces are less visible than metal braces.
  • Transparent Dental Plaque (Invisalign): Invisalign Treatment is a treatment method that is increasingly used with today’s technologies.
  • Thanks to digital orthodontic treatment technology, it is a wireless orthodontic treatment method applied to correct your teeth with transparent plaques made suitable for your teeth.

How old should orthodontic examination be done? What is the age to start orthodontic treatment, can it be done at any age?

It is generally appropriate to start orthodontic treatment after most of the child’s adult teeth have started to come out. These teeth usually come out around the age of 11-14. In the pre-check, how many of the adult teeth are removed, the growth rate of their faces and jaws should be checked and it should be decided by the physician.

It is recommended to have the first Orthodontist examination at the age of 7-8 when the permanent incisors in the lower and upper jaw start to erupt. Orthodontic treatment for adults can begin at any age, but treatment options are more limited.

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