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Implant Treatment

Implant treatment, which is used very effectively in dental treatment applications, started to be applied effectively by an orthopedic surgeon from Sweden in 1952. With implant treatment, the dental treatment process comes to the fore as a more useful and comfortable method that benefits the patient.

With the Implant Treatment options we started in Dent Hipokrat Oral and Dental Polyclinic in 1993, we have succeeded in becoming one of the best known and leading dental practices in the sector.

The most important factor in achieving a successful result of implant treatment is that the patient’s oral conditions are suitable for treatment. The second important condition for a successful operation in the treatment for the patient who meets the conditions is the process of applying the operation by an experienced physician. With nearly 30 years of experience and knowledge in our clinic, we enable you to benefit from the best treatment planning for implants.

What is an implant?

Implant is the process of completing the missing tooth with a screw-like artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone for dental problems that cannot be reversed. Screws commonly used in dental implant treatment are made of titanium material. With this method, which has a very high tissue compatibility with the human body, it is aimed to complete the missing teeth and return to your daily life quickly.

The success rate of dental implants in Dent Hippocrates Dental Clinics is close to 98%.

Who Is Implant Treatment Applied?

The most correct answer to the question of who is implant treatment is applied is that it can be applied to every individual who has completed bone development. Exceptionally, during the therapy period of patients who receive chemotherapy, patients with excessive smoking, and patients with chronic diseases, implant application can be performed by consultation with the patient’s own doctor.

How Is Implant Treatment Applied? How long does the implant treatment ?

In Dent Hippocrates Oral and Dental Clinic, we plan your Implant Treatment process in the most accurate and fastest way. We prepare you for the treatment process without straining your budget and in the least painful way. We feel the anxiety and uneasiness of our incoming patients in Implant Treatment and we care that you feel safe by ensuring that you are informed in all the details of the process.

The first stage in the patient who meets the treatment conditions is the surgical stage we apply under Local Anesthesia. The implant is placed in the dental bone with special tools and the healing process is expected depending on the patient’s bone structure. Generally, this process takes between two and six months.

After this process, the second stage of the upper tooth is passed. After the treatment process is completed, the patient gets healthier and stronger teeth than before. Correctly planned treatment method, physician experience, with the application of the patient’s physician control processes and directives, the life of the implant treatment is maintained for life.

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