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How Is Prosthetic Teeth Care Done?

Prosthetic teeth; They are tools prepared from a number of artificial materials for the teeth to fulfill their old duties instead of the teeth that the patient has lost. Patients who lose their teeth for various reasons cannot eat comfortably and have trouble while speaking.

Therefore, dental prosthetic care is as important as oral and dental care. You need to carry out the oral and dental care you have done for your natural teeth in dentures. Prostheses that are not cleaned regularly cause bacterial plaque formation, bad breath, gum diseases and deformation of the prosthesis.

How To Clean Prosthetic Tooth?

For a healthy mouth, you need to clean the food residues on your prosthesis after every meal. The first thing to consider in the denture cleaning process is whether the denture is fixed or mobile. If your dentures are fixed, you should brush your teeth regularly twice a day. In addition, using dental floss or an interface brush while cleaning fixed dentures helps prevent bacterial plaque.

While performing your oral and dental hygiene, toothpastes specially produced for dentures can be used that do not harm the dentures. Powders that can abrade the dentures should not be used, and you should take care that the toothbrush has bristles that will not scratch and damage the surface of the dentures.

How to Clean the Dental Prosthesis Removed from the Mouth?

In order for the prosthesis to maintain its proper structure, it must be kept in water. As the denture can be stored in normal water, there are special storage containers produced for dentures.

It is very important that you visit the dentist regularly to make sure that the prosthetic teeth are performing their duties and that they are healthy.


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