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How Is Prosthetic Teeth Care Done?

Prosthetic teeth; They are tools prepared from a number of artificial materials for the teeth to fulfill their old duties instead of the teeth that the patient has lost. Patients who lose their teeth for various reasons cannot eat comfortably and have trouble while speaking. Therefore, dental prosthetic care is as important as oral and […]

What is Hollywood Smile?

Meet Your Dream Smile Design! Hollywood Smile… Your smile is the most distinctive feature of your character. Imagine the people around you, the first thing that comes to your mind is their smiling faces or sullen faces. People with a beautiful and impressive smile are thought to be more special and respected by their environment. […]

Dental Health Tourism

Individuals; In order to receive preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative services, the form of tourism that enables them to receive these services in another country other than the country they live in is called Health Tourism. Turkey is one of the world’s leading health tourism destinations. Dent Hippocrates Dental Clinic, with its experience of more than […]

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

The reason for the sensitivity in non-cavity teeth is that hot or cold foods and drinks that reach the nerve layer inside the tooth irritate the nerve endings. Cracks on the surface of the tooth enamel can cause this. Due to reasons such as blows and fractures, the nerve endings extending to the inner side […]

What is a Tooth Abscess?

The most common problem among toothache complaints is Tooth Abscess. Tooth Abscess is a bacterial infection found on the inside of the tooth where inflammation collects. Formed abscesses may cause complaints such as pain and redness. When you encounter such a situation, the thing to do is to talk to your dentist as soon as […]

20’s Tooth Problems

Teeth, also known as 20-year-old teeth, are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth. Since the third molars, called wisdom teeth, are located very close to the jaw joints, in some cases, they can remain embedded in the gums and affect oral and dental health badly. Lack of space behind the tooth, gingival, bone […]

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