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Dent Hipokrat

About Us

Born in Kaman in 1965, Metin Kayabaş graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 1987. He completed his doctorate in Hacettepe Faculty of Dentistry, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Department in 1995 and established his own practice in 1987. Metin Kayabaş, who established Private Denthipokrat Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic in 2017, has been applying implant treatment since 1993.

Our Core Values

As an institution, our first principle is to internalize our way of treatment by considering the mouth of each patient as our own. It is an honest work plan for using the main structure of our patients' teeth, applying only the necessary treatments and taking care of our patients.

Using the latest technological approaches, we are proud to serve our patients with 34 years of experience...

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    Because we do our job with love and willingness.

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    Our Expert Dentist Staff

    Our experienced dentists who do their job successfully

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    Ankara and Bodrum

    We are proud to serve you in our Ankara and Bodrum branches.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality service to our patients. To be a clinic that follows technological and scientific developments in accordance with international standards in our treatments.

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Our Vision

To be a leading dental clinic in our sector with an understanding based on patient satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, compliance with technological developments and sharing.

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Our basic principles

As an institution, our first principle is to see each patient's mouth as our own and to internalize our way of treatment. To apply only the necessary treatments by working honestly to use the main structure of our patients' teeth.

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Why Choose Us

Advantages & Technologies

Your teeth play an important part in your daily life. It not only helps you to chew and eat your food, but frames your face. Any missing tooth can have a major impact on your quality of life.


Advanced and state-of-the-art laboratory


Our Specialist Physicians.


We Use The Best Equipment.


You can make an appointment online.

Professional Dentists

Highly Qualified Team

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